Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any type of property listings?

We have multiple businesses that allow us to cater to the limited service listing and the full service listing markets. We believe in giving consumers a choice.

Through FOR SALE BY OWNER NEW MEXICO, FSBOnm.com, we help sellers market their homes in order to save the listing side of the sales commission. Our customers handle their own transactions and we do not create any type of agency or representation relationship with them.

What happens if you find a home for me that you listed through your by owner program?

This is a rare occurrence, but when and if it does happen we can still be your broker because the seller is representing themselves.

Does it cost me more to use a buyer’s broker?

Typically, no. Traditionally, the fee is paid for by the seller from proceeds of the sale. In rare instances a “by owner” seller may not wish to compensate any real estate brokers, so you may need, in these instances, to negotiate compensation of your buyer’s broker.

What induces the buyer broker to work for a better price for me, if they are getting paid on a commission basis?

We have a moral obligation to put the interests of the buyer ahead of our own. Further, we have a long-term outlook and are far more concerned with generating good will resulting in repeat customers, future referrals, and a positive reputation.

Do you offer commission rebates?

Yes. In many instances we are able to rebate some of our commission back to you at closing. This is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

How do I know if I am paying the best price for a home?

Your buyer’s broker will be able to research comparable home sales and share the information with you. You will receive detailed information about home sales that will help us determine the “market value” of the homes you are interested in.

Can’t any broker be my buyer’s broker?

Yes, but be careful. Listing brokers are financially motivated to sell their company’s listed properties first. This way they capture both sides of the commission and make double the normal amount.

As a buyer represented by a listing broker, you’re typically going to be shown all of their properties first, whether they meet your needs or not.

How will I know my buyer’s broker has access to all of the available homes on the market?

We are members of the New Mexico Association of Realtors, the Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtors, as well as the Southwest Multiple Listing Service and have access to all the realtor-listed properties. We also search the available For Sale By Owner forums in an effort to be thorough.

What if we find a For Sale By Owner home that we want to purchase?

We have learned that the vast majority of FSBO sellers are happy to pay a buyer’s broker fee if they know the buyer is represented from the beginning. That is, they are willing to “cooperate” with buyer’s broker. We ask that you allow us to make the initial contact.