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Lisa helped us locate a home and negotiate a good deal in a tight time frame. She provided us with great information on home prices and value comparisons, and was very attentive to any prospective problems as we evaluated homes.



There aren't enough superlatives in my vocabulary to describe how amazing Lisa is, as a real estate broker! She is on top of everything that needs to be done and is truly the most efficient professional I have ever worked with. We spent a weekend looking at homes with Lisa and she was incredibly  organized, knowledgeable and fun to be with! She was extremely patient with us, even when we were worn out from two days of visiting homes and couldn't think clearly anymore. Once we found the home we wanted, Lisa masterfully orchestrated everything that needed to be done. I never worried for a second about missing anything because she demonstrated over and over again that she had everything under control. If you need a broker in the Albuquerque area, you can feel completely confident in choosing Lisa. She is phenomenal!



It's been two and a half months since my fianc� and I moved into our home that Lisa helped us find and buy. We wish to say that Lisa is an amazing person, as well as the best professional agent we could have hoped for. Lisa assisted us through each step of the process, tactfully telling us about  the ins-and-outs of each step, yet also giving honest feedback that allowed us to think and feel that we always had the best, sound advice. We can't recommend Lisa enough. We feel fortunate and blessed to have had Lisa work with us. Oh, and we think she helped us score with getting instant equity as soon as we signed the papers. She's too modest to say so, but she was instrumental in negotiations which turned in our favor. Thank you, Lisa.



Lisa served as both buyers agent for the home I purchased. I listed with her for sale by owner and she was the agent that placed my home on multiple listing for me. She is very knowledgeable about what is needed on both sides and extremely responsive. I would give her an A+ for both transactions.



Bought home in 2015


I can honestly say Lisa has been the most professional and organized real estate person I've ever worked with! I felt she was like a 'friend' in addition to being such a great representative of the real estate business. What a joy to work with someone like Lisa. She should be awarded a GREAT BIG GOLD STAR for being the Realtors' Realtor!!!
Thank you Lisa!!!



Bought home in 2015

As a first time home buyer, I couldn't have asked for a better realtor than Lisa. She was trustworthy, knowledgeable, and patient. I didn't know much about buying a house when I started my search. I had nothing but questions. Lisa was always willing to answer them. If she didn't know the  answer, she was quick to find out for me. It was a comfort to have such an experienced realtor working for me. Lisa wanted to find me the right house, not just a house. She didn't care if it took 1 month or 6, if we looked at 10 houses or 100. She never pressured me. She always gave honest feedback. She understood how monumental a decision buying a home is, and wanted to make sure I ended up completely satisfied with my purchase. That is exactly what happened. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking to purchase a home. 

Bought home in 2015

I had the pleasure of working with a professional, lights-on, positive, beautiful women who is Lisa Hebenstreit. This beautiful lady put at ease every single time things got wild. (Which I learned Throughout a home process this is normal) and I was the lucky one whom had the help of an amazing  Realtor Lisa Hebenstreit Who was there every second of the process while holding on tight, by believing in me that it was going to happen, because there were days that I wanted to give up and shoot the deal. She brought up my spirits every single time. You need a realtor, she is the one you gotta get in touch with one word to describe her would be, AMAZING!! 



Bought home in 2015

I located Lisa online while searching for a buyer's agent. Her online visibility was very high. I described the property details that I was looking for. She contacted me immediately with conforming listings available. I am a very moody guy and change directions often. I really do not like real estate agents and am very suspicious. Lisa never flinched at my manner, just continued a professional pursuit of a property that would meet my needs. When a property nothing like I had requested caught my eye, she negotiated a very good deal for me, and then stopped my from sandbagging my pending transaction repeatedly as my buyer's remorse kicked in.

Lisa knows the area and inventory very well, is cooperative, kind and positive. Stays tightly focused on goals and adheres to client instructions. She completely changed my opinion of real estate professionals.

She was always completely prepared to make the next step in the buying process and anticipated all the things I'd want and the questions I would raise. Everything was always early, never late. This woman can do more in a day that I ever needed.

She is a friend, a champion and the best agent you could ever engage.

Mike & Patti


Bought a home in 2015



My husband and I looked for such a long time for just the right home for us. I think it took about 8 months! Lisa was always there for us in every conceivable way and never lost patience. We saw how terrible so many agents were in the ABQ area during this process and couldn't have been more thankful to have a level-headed and helpful agent such as Lisa Hebenstreit. During such an important search and purchase, it's abonus to have an agent with such warmth, she was always a pleasure to be with. I've had many agents through the years, and she was the best in every way. She's gentle when appropriate but stands firm for her client. As a client, you get the best of both worlds. She has more experience than your usual agent since she's a broker, as well. You can't do any better. We have already referred her to anyone looking for a home.
Victoria & Rick
Bought a home in 2014
Lisa was absolutely perfect! I could not say enough about how amazing the home buying experience was with her. My family and I flew into ABQ and had 2 days to view homes before we had to fly out. We also told her whatever home we chose, must be ours and ready to move in, in 17 days! Yes! It sounds crazy to expect something like that, and it was, but she pulled it off! We emailed her our dream list of homes on a Friday. It was 44 homes total. She completely dedicated her entire Saturday and Sunday to us, from sun up to sun down. We felt like royalty. Over the course of her Friday before our visit, she managed to arrange showings of all 44 homes with their listing agents. We did 22 homes on Saturday and 22 on Sunday! She never acted annoyed or bothered at all! She patiently went through all 44 homes with us. Needless to say our 44th house was visited on Sunday afternoon and we never found our dream home. Later that day, from out hotel, my wife and I found what we thought was the one on Zillow. We let her know and within hours she had arranged the showing and drove out to meet us at house number 45! It was the one! She sat down in a coffee shop with us, and made sure all the paperwork was done before we had to catch our flight back to North Carolina! She put in the offer for us and it was instantly accepted with every single one of our terms! We flew out of ABQ the next day and begged her to make the keys ours in 17 days when we were moving to ABQ permanently. She did it! It seemed like she was working 6am to 10pm on closing for us over those next 17 days. She was doing it all. Calling us, our bank, the listing agent. She honestly made the impossible, possible and moved at light speed! My family and I will always owe an immense debt of gratitude to Lisa Hebenstreit and to this day, are still in awe of her one of kind in the world type of dedication and kindness. I promise you, a better realtor does not exist! She honestly made our home buying experience an absolute dream come true. Thank You, thank you, thank you Lisa!

Will & Michelle

12/04/2014 - 
Bought a home in 2014.

I very much enjoyed working with Lisa. She was professional and personable and was tireless in helping me find a new home. She also provided professional advice on difficult sale of my existing home. She was knowledgeable, patient and always professional.

Kay K.

08/27/2014 - 
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Academy Estates East, Albuquerque, NM.

Lisa took on our request to help us buy a property that she had never seen. We found the house and decided to make an offer, then realized we needed our own agent - not the seller's agent. Lisa's expertise was apparent from the first conversation. She worked with us through a difficult negotiation and now we're living in our new home! We will work with Lisa for all our future property needs in Albuquerque.

Diana & Jay

Bought a home in 2014.

Lisa helped us purchase our Dream Home! Because of her knowledge of and expertise on Foreclosures, we got a great deal on our purchase. Not only is she professional, she is also very personable. During our buying process,we learned a lot from her. She showed us that patience is a virtue and it payed off. She also provided us guidance and advice on renting or selling our existing home. We will not hesitate to refer her to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. Thank You Lisa!

Clyde & Cynthia

Bought a home in 2014

Lisa was a wonderful buyer's broker for us. We were referred to her by some of our friends and will definitely recommend her to anyone in the future. We could not have bought the perfect house without her. My wife and I were first time home buyers and really didn't know much of anything about buying a house. Lisa walked us through every step of the way from looking at houses, to closing, and even some last minute items that came up after closing. She showed us dozens of houses over the course of 6 months (we were very picky first time buyers) and gave sound advice about the properties we were considering. She really made the process easier for us and I would not be sitting in my new home right now writing this review without her!

Frank & Collin

05/23/2014 - 
Bought a home in 2014.

An excellent buyer's broker! She helped us greatly with our search for a house and skillfully guided us through the whole buying process. She also has a wealth of contacts that she can recommend for such things as financing, roof repair, lock changing, etc.

David T.

04/02/2014 - 
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in Academy Hills Park, Albuquerque, NM.

Lisa did a fabulous job finding us a house. We had a several specific requests including finding a house in our same neighborhood. This took 2-3 years but she never lost her patience and showed us many homes. When we found one she was very knowledgeable about the many details that are involved. She made it so easy for us and we would never use anyone else.

Carl & Lynne S.

04/02/2014 -
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 in N Campus, Albuquerque, NM.

Most impressive I found her willingness to go along with my own plans - which was a completely different approach. I had created a list of 80 (yes, that's eight zero) houses. About half of them I wanted to take a look in, the rest I only wanted to visit in a "drive by". And all should be done within 2 days. The catch is - I usually know within a few minutes, sometimes even with a first look, if a house is interesting or if we can leave immediately. With this strategy we could not only visit everything I wanted to see, but could go over the houses which became favorites a second time � and still were finished by 4:00 PM the second day. Now I know this marathon is not for everyone � but I thank Lisa for going through with me and bringing everything to a good end. Many realtors know their stuff, but her investment in me as a client was just the extra tick deeper. She certainly was instrumental in bringing this endeavor to a happy ending.

Michael, Sept. 2013

Thank you very much for your assistance with this.  I have told numerous people about your business and had only very positive things to say about you.  In fact, one of the potential buyers even contacted me about your service and I recommended you enthusiastically to him.  Needless to say, we were very, very pleased with the help you provided.  We would have lost money if I had found it necessary to hire a real estate agent and then pay a 6% commission.  Thank you, again, for your competent, prompt, and clear help.

Diane and Fletcher, September 16, 2013

My wife and I were buying our first house when we went to Lisa. She was prompt, dedicated, considerate, committed, and amiable. We knew we wanted a buyer's agent which is how we found Lisa's name amid many others, but her simple and inviting website drew us straight to her. It was in the entire process that Lisa shined, from searching for listings to visiting houses straight through to closing. She helped fill us in with her expertise and wisdom when we had questions, never hesitated to voice our concerns to appropriate parties, and she was our first and best advocate when our inexperience invited opportunities to be taken advantage of. Thank goodness for Lisa because no one could ever have taken advantage of us with her at our side. It goes without saying that we will recommend Lisa to everyone we ever know who needs a house and we recommend her to you, too.

2013, Theodore H. and Amy K

Lisa is very good at what she does. She took all 4 of us to many, many houses. With a crowd not everyone agrees on what they like. Lisa managed this family dynamic with great diplomacy. She represented us skillfully in negotiations with the seller and their agent. I would definitely use Lisa again. 2013, Ann

My husband and I recently hired Lisa as our Buyer's Broker. Having gone through the process twice before, we would definitely recommend using Lisa. She knows the area and its quirks very well! 2012, Dave and Emily

Lisa is the best of the best!! She is the person you would want on your side when buying a home. She is organized, efficient and very knowledgeable of the real estate market. She is your best friend during one of the most stressful and exciting times of your life. 2008, Sherry

I was in a hurry to find a home in 2009. I called Lisa and she turned on the engine to finding me a home. What I needed was very specific (location ,price,terms). She sent me 8-10 listing a week that fulfilled my needs to a T. Once the weekend rolled around we were off and looking. I often found homes and instantly visualized living there. Lisa would notice things that would be a pricey problem later. The complete opposite of other agents I have dealt with since, who often glossed over negatives to make a sale. She and I looked at 20-30 houses. I am so glad I worked with Lisa because I am still in love with my home three years later. Last year she was a big help when I was going to sell my deceased fathers home (she looked, helped price and told me about comparisons in the neighborhood). I will always work with Lisa as my five star pro. 2009, David

Lisa is very professional and knowledgable concerning the area we are interested in as well as the schools in that district. She is quick to notice positive and possible problems at each property we review. She is especially patient with me, as we are still searching for the perfect home to meet the needs of our family. 2011, Karen

My wife and I had a great experience with Lisa as our broker. She was very responsive to our requests. Lisa was very professional and as a result, we have referred her to our family and friends that have looked for homes in the Albuquerque area. 2010, Paul

Lisa Hebenstreit is a very professional and thorough realtor. She goes the extra mile for her clients. I am an inactive realtor and know no other realtor with her exemplary qualifications and reputation. Will always work with Lisa. 2012, Mary

Lisa has been a total professional during a challenging home purchase. She has made sure the process continued to progress despite the challenges of dealing with a bankruptcy trustee. She has been meticulous with the documents. She is very responsive and easy to contact. I would recommend Lisa and intend to use her on future home purchases. 2012, Dawn

Lisa fit my personality perfectly. I was well prepared to buy a house, but it was still quite overwhelming at times. Lisa's knowledge of good neighborhoods and what houses will sell quickly, and what houses will sit was very helpful. More helpful was how on the ball she was, responding to questions and needs almost immediately, and always checking on my interests. I started out looking at houses myself, and hiring Lisa was the smartest thing I did. I would not have ended up with the great deal on the great house I got. I would recommend Lisa even if you aren't a first-time home buyer. 2012, Thomas

Lisa helped us find a duplex in Albuquerque. We live in the Phoenix metro area where it is very hot in the summer. We have three grand children living in ABQ and thought it would be nice to spend summers there where we could be cooler and play with the kids. We started lookiing for condos. Lisa was very accomodating and patient taking us all over the city while we tried to decide we wanted. She listened carefully while my wife and I discussed the pros and cons of each place. At the end she found us a duplex close to the kids and at a price that appraised well under the market. To top it off, we have rented half of the duplex, which is now paying for itself. Lisa is a great agent. I would recommend her to my best friends. 2011, Nick and Mary Ann

Susan,‎ - Nov 8, 2011
Lisa helped me sell my home in about 3 months compared to the 9 months I had it listed with ***** and not even one offer. You will be wasting your time and money letting someone else sell YOUR home. I sold my home because I could show off all it's best features to prospective buyers and address all of their questions and concerns immediately. Lisa had all the products, information and paperwork I needed for the whole selling/offer/closing process. She was always available and as involved as I needed her to be. After the sale of my home she spent six months helping me find my new home. Lisa is a true professional, an expert in the business and one of the most likable people I have ever met. I look forward to working with her again!

Daniels,‎ - Oct 27, 2011
Lisa is a charming, personable, and very professional agent. She is meticulous and hard working at everything she does in her profession and her clients are obviously very happy with her. Her ease and patience make the stress of home buying and selling melt away. We couldn't be happier!

Kat, Aug 31, 2011
Lisa...great! honest approach, effective, aggressive, when needed....available all the time, quick and thorough follow through...patient, as well...she doesn't drop the ball....she can do it all...represent the buyer or seller...quality professional expert in her field.

Veronica, Jul 19, 2011
So pleased with the service! Working with Lisa was wonderful. She has great attention to detail, calm, professional, and so helpful. She answered our endless questions thoughtfully and helped walk us through the process of buying our first home. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

Trudy, Jan 26, 2011
I have used Lisa's to sell 3 houses in the past, and just recently used Lisa as my buyer's agent with buying another home. Throughout the years, Lisa has been thorough, knowledgable, tactful and persistent with every detail imaginable. She has gone to great extent and effort to ensure that every question I had was completed answered, every person involved with the purchase of my home did 100% of their job, and that every piece of paperwork involved in the offer, purchase and closing of my home was absolutely right and thorough. Lisa's professionalism is proven through the years and her relationships with others involved in all the various aspects of the real estate business are mutually respectful and demanding of excellence. She has a way in dealing with clients that make it easy to trust her and know she'll be there 110% for you. She has spent many hours in serious negotiations fighting for my cause, and it made for a successful transaction, where I think with alot of other realtors, the deal would have fallen through. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa and her website to anyone. She is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor, and a terrific negotiator to have on your side.

Heather H, Jan 25, 2011
Wonderful experience. Lisa is a great agent. Buying our home with Lisa definitely helped ease some of the stress from myself and my husband. There were even times our loan officer asked for something and we had no idea what he was asking for. Lisa talked to him to help figure out what he needed and we had no problems completing our loan. She is friendly and professional and great with children too. I would definitely ask Lisa to be my agent again.

Kristine, Jun 8, 2010
Outstanding service! We had a great experience buying a home with Lisa as our agent. The whole process, which definitely included some stressful negotiations, was made so much easier and more pleasant by Lisa's communication style, professionalism and expertise. She was helpful and flexible from our first phone conversation all the way to closing the deal!!! I would not hesitate for even a second to use her services again or recommend her to friends and family.

Don, Apr 1, 2010
Painless! I chose the MLS option to sell my house. The process through Lisa's agency was painless and I liked having more control over the marketing strategy. The timing must have been right because I had a signed contract twelve days after the listing was activated. I tried to sell using a full service agent two years ago and failed to receive one offer after six months. I would definitely recommend going this route if you have any experience at all in selling a previously owned house.

Vickie, Mar 13, 2010
Great Experience! Thanks to Lisa, I was able to sell my house quickly and saved thousands of dollars. Lisa has great expertise and is there to help and support you along the way. I would definitely use this service again!

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