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Tips for Choosing A Buyer's Broker/Agent

The most important thing you can do when buying a home is to choose the right real estate agent before you even start looking.
Here are questions you should ask before selecting an agent:
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  • How long have you been representing buyers as a buyer's agent?
  • Do you, or the company you are with, take listings? Do you practice dual agency?
  • What percentage of your personal business and what percentage of your company's business is representing buyers? Is the balance of that representing sellers?
  • Will you try to sell me one of your listed properties before you show me listings from other real estate companies?
  • Do you have information about For Sale By Owner properties?
  • Can I have the names and phone numbers of three to six of your most recent buyer clients?
  • Do you know the six fiduciary, client level duties you would owe to me if I chose to hire you as my buyer's agent? (Confidentiality, Accountability; Reasonable Skill and Care; Undivided Loyalty; Obedience to Lawful Instructions, Full Disclosure)
  • What is your commission? Or do you have hourly rates or a set fee?
  • Will there be a written contract?
  • Do you have a list of home inspectors, insurance agents and reputable lenders for me to consider?
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  • How will you help me save money?
  • Specifically, how will you protect my interests and why should I hire you rather than another agent?


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